Success Stories



Extreme Martial Arts Academy :

From the first day I started training at Extreme Martial Arts I noticed a difference in many of my physical and mental attributes. I had previously trained in BJJ and Muay Thai in a different martial arts school, but it compares in no way to the teaching at Extreme Martial Arts. When I previously trained I was never pushed to gain confidence and truly understand what I was learning as I am now. I have noticed confidence in every day life and have developed a new sense of responsibility that drives me to succeed and excel in everything that I do. I have seen that in order to gain true respect I must first give respect to the individuals that are in my life. In the same way I now know to relax and trust my instinct, training , and knowledge in not only the gym and sparring, but in everyday life as well.

Giving thought to the factor of fitness , I have seen that since My time at EMA I have not only lost several pound s of weight fat, but I have gain muscle and endurance. I am able to have confidence in my strength and physical abilities more than I ever had in the past, and I have set more fitness goals for myself to obtain. Seeing these differences has given me more faith in myself and has increased my passion to one day compete in martial arts competitions. I am confident in myself and my training and I am ready to continue onto the next level.

-Sam S. ( Age 16) __ EMA, My daughter, Amaiyah, has been doing MMA at EMA since October of 2013. She started at the age of three and is now only three and a half. She is now testing for her next belt. I think she has learned a great deal of things and is ready to move up. She has become an astounding child, she listens better and is much more attentive. One of the reasons I wanted her to do boxing was not only to keep busy, stronger danger, plus many other things, but primarily for mental purposes such as relaxation, and let out anger/stress she may feel. Her behavior/ attitude has improved greatly and she shows respect towards others. She is a very well-rounded child and gets along with almost everyone. EMA was a very choice for Amaiyah. She has retained everything Coach Jason has taught her thus far, and I am proud of all that she has accomplished.


-Amanda O. (Amaiyah G. 3½) ____ Dear Extreme Martial Arts Academy,

There are numerous amounts of benefits I have gained from practicing three days a week with the people and the outstanding coaches I train with. When I walk through the doors. I automatically feel ten times better than I already was feeling, even if I was having a bad day. The environment is so welcoming and I just feel like I can be myself. I learned more each time I practice. My skills and how I apply them have grown immensely from when I stared. I always have that drive to work harder and be better than the day before.

When I started this, I never knew how much I would actually fall in love with the sport. I just really wanted to build up my confidence and also get more fit. My confidence level has risen greatly risen and I feel so much better with the person I am. Mixed Martial Arts has so much to it. There is so much I learned and its incredible to think that I started from not knowing hardly anything and now every week I look forward to learning something I haven’t . I am thankful to be apart of EMA and I am always looking forward to moving forward in the sport.

-Mackenzie P. (16) ____ The EMA program has helped Jake to become more confident. Jake was playing with his friends at the park this summer. A boy he didn’t know was physically and verbally bullying another young boy at the park. Jake had the confidence to stand up to the bully, and actually had to stop him from hurting the other young child. He then went directly to an adult for help. I’m so impressed at how he handled the situation with courage and maturity. He wasn’t afraid and didn’t cry. He just stepped up to help without hesitation. I know that it was because of his training at Extreme Martial Arts that he was the only boy that knew how to handle the situation. We look forward to Jake growing with this program and increasing his self-esteem and confidence when faced with a difficult situation.

-Tracy and Paul L. (Jake L. 7)


Dear Master Al,

Jacob has shown great improvement in all areas. At home he is very helpful in cleaning and keeping our home clean. He takes good care of our dogs. At school he has been maintaining and improving his grades. He has received awards for his positive attitude with his classmates. We are very proud of the young man he is turning out to be. He enjoys helping Coach Jason and Coach Michelle in the teaching the other students. We are thankful for the positive benefits this program has to offer. We look forward to continue seeing him grow, learn and master his skills. EMA has been a great training program for Jacob.

The Parents of Jacob M. (12) ____

Dear Master Al,

I want to begin by thanking you, Coach Jason, and Coach Michele for everything you have taught me. EMA provided me with great skills. This program helped me improve myself esteem. My confidence is at a higher rate than it used to be. Also helped me defend myself against bullies and taught me what to do if someone tries to take me. I feel my strength has increased since joining this program. I have been very proud of my accomplishments as well. I am grateful that you have given me a chance to join this program and thank you for being great role models and great teachers. EMA has changed my life.

Your Student, -Jacob M. (Age 12) _

To: Extreme Martial Arts Since starting here in 2012 many things have changed for me from self-confidence to weight loss which was originally my reason for joining. I knew after the first few classes I would reach my goal weight with no problems, but what I didn’t count on was still being actively enrolled two years later! The instruction and motivation received each time I come to class makes me want to come back every week and the ability to compete gives me something to work towards. I truly feel part of a team here and I love having the opportunity to work with young girls sometimes to show them it’s okay to be strong, aggressive, and still cute! I look forward to competing in the future and excited to see what other new things this 34 year old body is capable of doing.

-Tiffany S. (Age 34) ____ My name is David M . and I would like to tell you how my life has changed since I’ve been training at Extreme Martial Arts. It has only been 6 months and already I feel alive again. For so long I buried my desires to train due to the business of American life; bills, new home, new business, and my family. Since I’ve been training again my entire outlook has improved. I have much more energy, more agility, more endurance. My personal fitness has improved by leaps and bounds! Already I’ve lost 20 pounds and feel like my old confident self again. It’s wonderful to train with others who daily inspire me to push myself to new levels. EMA is a family of fighters, I love it. Even my wife is impressed with the changes I’ve made not just in training, but my diet as well. It’s exciting to see and feel the improvements. I look forward for the future, who knows where I’ll be in a year. Thanks EMA!

-David M. (Age 27) ____ I want to begin by thanking Master Al and the Coaches for everything they have taught and done for me. Words simply cannot express how much it has helped and done for me. Thank you very much. I joined the EMA team as a way to relieve stress and obstacles I was facing in my life. I can honestly say that training here has gone above and beyond what I could ever ask for. This gym, and these instructors have helped me close a few doors in my past and have opened so many more for my future. This gym, these mats, and these coaches build confidence, strength, and most importantly a great respect for yourself and others. It started as wanting to get a great workout and has lead to a driving determination to be invited to become a Combat Athlete, which I accomplished. The coaches here are without a doubt, top class instructors. They teach you what you need, no shortcuts, no slacking. They push you to what you think is your breaking point then push you further. It’s 110% everything, nothing less. Not only are we taught top class, high level competition techniques but these techniques can be used as self defense outside of the gym which unfortunately now a days is very valuable knowledge. So whether you’re looking to become the next Ultimate Fighter or just want to get an amazing workout and learn self-defense from some of the best coaches I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. I encourage anyone to come out and give it a chance and give it their best because that is what you will receive in return, the best. I did and it was without a doubt in my mind the best decision I have ever made. Pain is temporary. Pride is forever. Thank you for everything.

-Steve S. (19) _

Dylan, age 6, has been at EMA for almost two years now. He has always been a bundle of energy and had trouble focusing it. We have seen much improvement in this area since he has been with the school. He seems to do much better when Shihan Al is instructing the class and for that we are thankful. Dylan struggled at first but now with the added practice at home he is progressing well. He looks forward to going to class to see his friends and be part of the team. He is a very emotional boy and through the guidance of Al and the EMA team he is learning how to control and channel those emotions into positive actions.

-Rick and Mia _

I would like to first say how EMA changed my fitness. I have stayed at a constant 130 pounds, and of course, have gained some muscle. My confidence currently is much higher than it was before I took this class. I was very shy, and could talk to no one. Now I can talk and joke around everyone. Taking this class has also opened my mind to other things, such as ice skating, snowboarding, and going on long bike marathons. It has also increased my responsibility with making sure everything I do is done correctly. Essentially, EMA has changed my life.

-Alex R. (age 13) ____

Having Austin enrolled into this program is one of the best decisions we have ever made as parents. Not only does it keep him active and in good shape, but it also teaches him discipline, how to protect himself, when and how to use it, and how to be aware of predators. Austin never gives up no matter what. He has been pushed beyond his limits at times and he has always pushed through! Though at times he gets into his own world, he learns and picks up very quickly. The only habit I would like to break him from would be his shyness. He is a great kid with a great personality and I would just love for him to show that more. I am always very proud of Austin no matter what he does and all I ask of him is to try his best and I know he always does.

-Mike ____

EMA has taught me how to defend myself against bullies. It has also made me aware of what to do if a stranger tries to take me. I feel my strength has increased since joining EMA and I feel very proud of my accomplishments. I have competed in NAGA and have several medals for placing 2nd in gi and no gi divisions. EMA has given me confidence in my abilities. I will give my best effort to achieve the rank of green belt, which I hope to test for this month. My goal is to be a black belt someday like Shihan Al.

-Hunter (age 8) ____

I just want to thank you for the opportunity to work with you. For us, it’s more than learning techniques. Before our first class, my son Alex was scared to the point of shutting down. He did NOT want to go to these classes. He was afraid of being humiliated. Luckily, we got there a little early, and was able to see what was going on from the parking lot. As time closed in before class, we were standing outside the door, he was still unsure that he could actually walk through your door. I personally thought he was going to hide in the men’s’ locker room as the class was starting. His body language was so prominent and clear that I am certain anyone would have picked up on it; head down, shoulders drooping forward. His gait crying out his uncertainty. You were firm, respectful, and not critical of his abilities, or lack thereof. The second class was even better. In fact, he didn’t remove the tape you wrapped around our wrists. He went to school the next morning with them. I’m looking forward to the next classes, and hope that he will be interested in taking a class with you. More than teach him a martial art, I believe it will cement some self-confidence, and hope for more positive things for him.

-Irene (after only two classes) __

Dominic has been so excited about going to his classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He is always eager to come home and show us what he learned. We have noticed the changes in his patience level and his respect for others. He is very tolerant of his little sister. Before he would fight back with her. He also likes to teach her what he is learning. Dominic has more confidence in himself. He is not as timid speaking to people. He will also speak up for himself where before he would not do that. We are very proud of his behavior and his new achievements.

-Nick & Jeanette ____

Attending Extreme Martial Arts Academy has been a positive factor in my life. My number one concern is good health followed by the ability to protect myself. I’ve noticed improvement in my physical ability. My endurance has greatly improved, in which I’ve noticed myself getting less tired during class. I also noticed that I am becoming a lot more flexible with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which I feel improves the mobility of my spine resulting is a stronger and healthier back. Interaction with the students taught me a great deal about self-defense.

-Jaumale __

Hunter has made great strides in his social growth since joining EMA. We have seen a more positive attitude both in school and at home. His belief in himself and his abilities has increased. Hunter’s self-esteem is at an all time high. He recently received an outstanding report card and a note from his teacher commenting on his positive effort in class. Shihan Al and the rest of the EMA staff have done a tremendous job in bringing these qualities to the surface and continue to encourage his growth in the sport and in life. Hunter will be testing for his green belt, and he is very excited. He told me he wants to earn his green belt and his ultimate goal is to earn a black belt and beyond.

-Joe __

Dear Extreme Martial Arts,

Allow me to start out by stating, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS IN MY LIFE! Before I joined Extreme Martial Arts, I found myself feeling very sluggish, tired, overweight and all-in-all unhealthy. My dad & sister had decided to join EMA and invited me to do so as well. Needless to say, with my energy level & self-image issues I was not interested at all. I decided to give it a go after meeting with Shihan Al Verduzco and learning all the benefits and also for my little sister.

Just five months later, I have a new found respect for myself, a renewed confidence and an amazing energy level. Not only do I work hard during class, but I now start my day with a vigorous exercise routine. All week long I look forward to attending class, even when I’m having a rough day or I’m really tired. It is such a feeling of accomplishment when I’m giving 100% and my Sensei is demanding more and somehow I’m able to give more. Everyone in class is supportive and encouraging. My success is not only owed to myself & my family but also to the entire staff at Extreme Martial Arts. Thank you for everything that you’ve helped me accomplish thus far!

I cordially invite anyone out there that doesn’t truly believe this to meet me in class on Mondays or Thursdays & we’ll discuss it. Of course, that line is meant for humor but I sincerely would like to talk to any girl/woman that wants to do this but can’t quite make that jump.

-Callie S. (age 25) ____

Taking instruction from Shihan Al Verduzco is the single most life altering experience I’ve had. I started when I was 55 years old, after a quad bypass operation and diabetes. Shihan Al was aware of my “baggage” and allowed me the latitude to proceed at my own pace, which, after a short time, wasn’t that much behind that of the other students.

When I started I didn’t have the confidence to speak in front of a group of people and was not able to appropriately react when faced with any type of conflict, be it verbal or physical. I slowly found myself being able to think, remain calm, and analyze the situation when confronted with a verbal conflict. What a wonderful ability to posses.

I’m now a bald 62 year old geezer, someone that looks like easy prey for the bad guys. I believe the reason I haven’t been a “victim” is that I’m not afraid anymore. Now, don’t take this to mean that I feel like a Chuck Norris. I have no illusions about my skill level in the martial arts. What I do have is the confidence to use what I have learned, to its fullest. I will do everything within my power to protect myself, my family, friends, and those weaker till the day I die.

I could go on and on extolling the virtues of the disciplines learned at Extreme Martial Arts Academy, but I think you get the idea about how I feel.

Thank you, Shihan Al Verduzco. You have given me more than you’ll ever know.


George U. ____

When I first began my training in the martial art, I was serious about my development as a student. Unfortunately, my instructors were not as dedicated as I was in reaching this goal. Instead, I was put through the motions without developing any of the tools necessary to properly defend myself. It was frustrating to say the least. After hearing my case, a friend of mine recommended that I continue my training at Extreme Martial Arts Academy run by Shihan Al Verduzco. This friend of mine also happened to be a former student, and now I know why he held this school in such high praise. There is no other school like it on the planet. There are a variety of classes offered, and the instructors are serious about teaching. I’ve been a student there for less than a year, and the results speak for themselves. I have developed at a rate that would be impossible to achieve at any other school. I finally have confidence in myself, and for once I know it isn’t just a false sense of security. Joining the Extreme Martial Arts Academy was without a doubt, the best investment I have ever made. I’m looking forward to many more years training there.

-Joe ____

This letter serves to address how I feel my child, Kelvin (13 yrs old), has benefited from attending The Extreme Martial Arts Academy. I have noticed a boost in Kelvin’s confidence and self-esteem since he started attending the Extreme Martial Arts Academy. Recently he had an incident with a student at his school that bullied him constantly. It bothered Kelvin so much, that he threatened and actually ran away from home one night. Although he didn’t go far, it was a frightening incident for me as a parent. Within that week, Kelvin confronted the bully eye-to-eye by telling him STOP bullying him and his friends. Kelvin expressed to me that the bully looked embarrassed and from that day on never bullied him or his friends again. I believe the martial arts training has given Kelvin a sense of strength that he otherwise didn’t feel before. I appreciate that and hope he continues to grow mentally and emotionally.

-Bernice P. ____

I would like to take a moment to explain why I feel being enrolled in Extreme Martial Arts has benefited not only me personally, but my business as well.

For the past three months I’ve taken private boxing lessons through this program. As our sessions increase in intensity, my skill level and physical conditioning are being tested and evaluated. Through this process Coach Al Verduzco and I have been able to identify my strengths and weaknesses. By doing so Coach Verduzco has implemented a few principles to our ongoing sessions/ training.

•Strengthen the weaknesses by focusing on them. •Refine my strengths. •Constant conditioning, physically and most important mentally. •Always have fun.

Having applied these principles, I am getting in better shape by increasing my energy level and reaching my target weight. Adding these principles to my business, it has helped contribute to the growth and profitability of the business. An extra bonus is having an avenue to relieve myself of stress.

Yours Truly, Damion N. President, NES Inc. ____

Joining your program was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. I’m in better shape now then I was 5 years ago… and I’m just getting started. Having added your program to my schedule really helps me make the right choices when it comes to the foods I eat and the decisions I make. I highly recommend your program to anyone looking to increase their confidence, shed unwanted weight and get in the best shape of their life fast.

-Lou V. (age 33) ____

Prior to joining Extreme Martial Arts, I thought that being an ex-soccer player would have given me some type advantage in any fitness program I chose to try. I was dead wrong! I have never experienced such an intense and immensely rewarding workout. I have never sparred with anyone in my entire life, and just my luck, Al introduced me to it. I’ve actually been surprised at what I’ve achieved during the workouts. My confidence level has increased because of the weight loss I’ve realized and also the strength and boxing knowledge I’ve gained. I feel better than I ever have, and I credit that all to the expertise and professionalism I’ve experienced at Extreme Martial Arts.

Sincerely, Milenko V. (age 35) ____

Being in this Extreme Martial Arts class has been wonderful. I’ve gained more confidence in myself. I have been trained and conditioned on what to do if something bad happened where I had to defend myself. I’ve also become very strong. Getting conditioned helps me out with my strength and endurance. Every time I come to karate and learn something new, I’m determined to try it out and hopefully able to do it. Whenever I grapple with someone that is tougher or even bigger than me, it gives me a challenge and chance to bring out everything that I’ve learned during class and defend myself and put them into submission. I love to succeed and I just look forward to getting better with my grappling and kickboxing. Sensei is a great instructor. When I have trouble or do not understand something, Sensei is the one that can help me out. I am succeeding very well with my grades. The last semester I had a GPA of 3.896% and have just been inducted to the National Junior Honor Society for Grimmer Middle School. I’m determined and setting goals for myself every day. I hope to stick with EMA and reach my goal of a black belt and the goal of learning as much as I can, so I can protect myself from harm. Thank you for teaching me very valuable techniques. It’s a great pleasure to come to class knowing I can be challenged.

-Krista T. (age 13) ____


"I have been in your class for about a year and ½. The experiences I have had are great. I have learned more than how to fight, I have learned life lessons. From being in your classes I have more self-pride in everything that I do. This class has made me more well rounded in life and it is something that I will never forget. Being on the mats gives me time for myself to be in my own world to forget all problems."

I thank you, Al, Adam G. ____

Brandon (6 years old) has been involved in a variety of athletics since he was four years old. He always had fun and learned a lot about following the rules, teamwork and sportsmanship. Brandon has, however, always been interested in martial arts. So when the opportunity came for him to choose between swimming (which he had been on the team for three years) and martial arts, the choice was obvious. Since he has begun taking classes at Extreme Martial Arts, we have noticed two significant alterations in Brandon. The first is he always wants to practice the techniques learned in class. He wants to train every chance he gets and asks me many questions about technique. And the second, which I think is very important, is the sense of responsibility and ownership Brandon has of the fighting system itself. He is very serious about this and takes great care to remind his family that it is not something to horseplay with. Since he has a younger brother, I witness at times Brandon telling him about what has learned and the importance of restraint (Not in those words, of course). We have definitely seen Brandon displaying a more mature attitude than ever before.

-David & Cynthia ___ Thank you for your generous donation of Martial Arts lessons for Christopher Delgado. You didn’t have to do anything when you first met Christopher but you took it upon yourself to help him. I wish you could have seen his face when I first asked the family if it would be alright for Christopher to try out for your class. The lessons not only make him happy to do something he always wanted to do but will teach him discipline and self-respect as well as coordination and most of all that there are good people out there that are willing to help those that help themselves. The exercises that your class makes every student do also strengthens his muscles that were damaged and weakened in the accident. The drug awareness and Safer Smarter Kids program will help him to spot and report any illegal activity that he may encounter. I know that teaching a blind student is a new and challenging experience for you and the other Senseis at Extreme Martial Arts but your entire staff has gone out of their way to make Christopher feel welcomed and like just another student in your dojo. Christopher looks forward to every lesson and tries his best. Watching him out there makes it hard to believe that he has been blind for only seven months. With his determination and people like you Christopher will have a full and productive life. Thank you from the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Council 5009, me and the entire Delgado family, especially Christopher for your generosity.

Ricardo P. Sr. President, LULAC Council 5009